The Tragedy of the “Hook Up” Culture

Peaceful Single Girl


For those who are unfamiliar with this term – “hooking up” means having sex with someone you may not even really know, with “no strings attached.” i.e.: “We just met today, but let’s hook up later tonight.”

I know that many girls (and guys) have never known anything but this culture that exists today. But, it makes me so sad to see that sex has become completely casual and to hear people say things like,

“Oh, we’re just having sex. We are not in a relationship.”

My precious friends!!!!!! What are we doing?!?!?!

What a recipe for total disaster spiritually, emotionally, sexually, and in so many ways for both men and women.

God designed sex. His design is VERY good.

I’m so excited to share God’s beautiful design for your life and your sexuality in a nutshell:

  • Sex is for marriage alone. There are no exceptions. (Exodus 20:14, 1 Corinthians 6:9-20)
  • Marriage…

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Dating the guy without intentions



Lately I have been meeting men that say things like, “I don’t have any intentions or I’m just going with the flow.” Of course my over analytical self demand that they elaborate, but their answers never provide me with any fulfillment. So after numerous discussions with male friends and some thinking I came up with a few reasons why a guy will tell you he has no intentions. All of these reasons may not apply to one guy and believe me this list isn’t inclusive so take it with a grain of salt.

What does he mean when he says I have no intentions:

1. He is using dating as an opportunity to figure out what he likes and dislikes in a potential mate.
2. He isn’t looking for a relationship
3. His focus is elsewhere (i.e. career, school, dream)
4. He wants sex, but is avoiding being direct

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The Answer to All of Your Problems as a Single Person

Peaceful Single Girl


A brother in Christ shared this with me and has given me permission to share with you. I think this is some POWERFUL stuff right here, sisters and brothers!

Imagine an old wagon wheel with all the spokes going out–the spokes represent all the HUGE piles of problems we’ve inadvertently created by not seeing that we (with the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through us) could take responsibility for our patterns, and change them and really heal. If a person goes into the CORE with God, or the center of the wagon wheel and heals THAT, then all the spokes will begin to change position and properly align themselves as well.

If you follow then my reasoning, you understand why we must, just like in surgery, operate where the pain is and fix it, rather than do cosmetic surgery (figuring out the opposite sex, getting a date, finding the…

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