Mathew 5:3-11

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Now is the time. God is calling you! Are you going to answer?


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The Will of God

Women in the Waiting


So many people say they want to be in the will of God. Sometimes, you may feel unclear about what you believe God is saying in certain areas of your life. Do you pray for what you want or do you pray and ask God to let his will be done in your life? I have learned to pray for the will of God because it causes everything about your life to line up. It even causes my mindset to change. If God has planned something for me and I find myself resisting, I start to pray his will. He then begins to soften my heart, change my mind, and even my desires. I begin to conform to his will for my life. There is no safer place than in the will of God and that is right where you want to be. So if there are things God is…

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Do Not Be Discouraged


God hears your pain, heart and prayers but he responds to faith. There are some journeys and transitions that hes going to take you to be a better person. It won’t kill you it will just build you. Follow him and allow him to be your guide to light. Its just temporary what your facing. Cheer up for trouble does not last always. Hes calling you higher and higher. Words will always be a non factor when it comes to who you are or how far you will go. The favor of God is upon you. Continue to seek him and watch him fulfill your every need. Watch him move.

Devote commit and submit yourself unto him. There is a reason for everything and God’s word is true and pure. Allow it to be your guide to your everyday living and choices.

Dont fret about time, he has all power…

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Prayer For August 29th

Hope For The Broken Hearted

Prayer from Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

Many who are with us feel like they are being stretched beyond limits they can possibly survive. Help us to remember no matter what we face,we are never in any situation that we can’t make it through with your grace and strength. You often allow us to be in situations where we will not have the reserves to make it on our own…you want us to learn that we can do all things through you…your strength never fails…it never runs out…your hand never let’s go of us and you will never fail to see us through anything in this life…even when things seem hopeless, we are not without hope…you are the God of miracles…you are known to stretch us beyond what we think we can endure…you often come through at the very last moment…you test us and teach us to not trust in…

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Prayer For August 28th

Hope For The Broken Hearted

prayer from Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

As we gather together today we ask for your help in overcoming the negative voices and the things that come against us to discourage us. We know that discouragement comes from the enemy, yet too often we accept the discouragement without countering it with your truth. Help us to overcome the negatives with positives from your Word. When we feel like we are too weary, help us to remember that you will renew our strength and give us rest. When we feel like we are facing something that is impossible, help us to remember that through Christ, nothing shall be impossible and we can do all thing through Jesus.

When we feel overwhelmed, help us to remember that your grace is sufficient to see us through. When we are tempted to say, “I’m not able” help us to remember that you…

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