Mathew 5:3-11

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Jesus promises that… — Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

That is what Christ promises to do. In fact, He has already begun doing it. And He never leaves anything unfinished. His grace is too potent to leave a person without absolute hope that every single one of those promises will come to completion.

via Jesus promises that… — Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.


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What Time Are You Living in?

Women in the Waiting

Image result for past present and futureWe are supposed to forget what is behind us, live in the now, and look toward our future. But, how often do we find ourselves living in the past, looking at the now, and forgetting we have a future? Yes, we live in past hurts, past failures, and past disappointments. You are not there any more so why do you keep living in it? We look at our present finances, our present understanding, and our present spirituality. Stop looking at where you are now, it is only temporary. We forget we have a future destiny, future relationships, and future blessings. These are things to come so, you should always be hopeful and full of faith that things will get better. Lord, help us to change our perspective and put everything in its rightful place, in our lives. Whether it was our past, is our present, or will be our future-…

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