Mathew 5:3-11

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“Our vote counts”

God created a world where our vote counts and where our agreement with what He’s doing is necessary to release His power into the world. He did this so He wouldn’t violate our free will and ruin our potential to love Him from our hearts.

~Supernatural Ways of Royalty~



Let us not be led by our feelings and emotions; lets be led by our Faith


More often than not we decide base on feelings and emotions on a certain situations that we are into.
We say yes to someone if we feel like doing so, we do things if we feel like doing so. We always make our conclusion base on what we feel, our instinct, or gut feel.
Having said that, we almost forget to consider weighing the pro’s and con’s of our decision and choices that we make. We are easily sway by the height of the moment that cascade by our feelings at the spur of the moment.
But most importantly, we forgot to ask ourselves whether this is something wrong or right? We forgot to ask ourselves whether do we have peace and contentment at the end of the day?
We can be happy on a certain decision but totally not having peace of mind along the way…and yet we can be unhappy temporarily but have a sense of peace and joyful heart once we allow God and his word to be in the big picture.
Easier said than done…as me myself already experienced first hand how to completely allow God to work within me, to be led by my faith, rather than to be led by my own emotions and feelings. (God’s grace and sovereign power, not my own works as it is a daily challenge I experienced everyday in this battle field called Life, and only God can empower and strengthen me to win).
I must say that feelings and emotions are indeed one the most challenging and difficult desire to control at times. There are moments that we just easily give-in and surrender to what we feel instead of us ruling over our feelings and emotions.

But once we start to surrender our trust to God, there are something powerful within us that makes us stronger and courageous that empower us to let go of our feelings, putting them behind and placing our faith in front of the door. (Bible views emotions positively and not something to be ignored. In fact the book in the bible-Song of Songs-is almost entirely given to the feeling of being in love. However, our emotions should not be the primary thing that drive us, now should they be the means by which determines the rightness of a decision because they too are capable of leading us to sin. It is the bible that we must and obey, not our own feelings…Christiniatynetau).
To base one’ faith on such feelings would be a disaster for anyone. One’s faith must be in the integrity of God.
“Do not rely on your own understanding, warns the scripture-Proverbs 3:5”
“There is a way that seems right but it leads to death, screams another verse-Proverbs 14:12”
We always need a precision of God’s word.

“The Danger of Emotional Living”
Emotional people make big mistakes when they base decisions on how they feel rather than obeying God and what they know is the right thing to do.
We have to learn how to live beyond our feelings and do what’s right even when we feel wrong…Joyce Meyer Org

Emotions won’t go away- we must learn how to manage them and not let them manage us.
Let our will to choose what’s right. And pray for God’s grace to give us the ability to do it…